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Nissan is one of the most respected automakers in the business. A true pioneer when it comes to developing new ways to experience the road and elevate your driving habits with unparalleled vehicles. Of course, when you want to get your hands on a Nissan, especially an affordable model from a used Nissan dealership, it means finding the right kind of dealer who can not only get you an amazing deal, but also ensure you're buying a quality used Nissan that lives up to your expectations. That's where Ryan Nissan comes in.

Our impeccable service themed around putting customers first has helped us establish a well-earned reputation among those looking to buy a quality used Nissan vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, hybrid, or SUV. We have dedicated our time and energy to making sure that those looking to buy the best that the market has to offer will find exactly what they're looking for at our dealership. And even if you don't find what you originally set out to purchase, we have tools and resources available to make sure every shopper has a helping hand to get behind the wheel of a Nissan they feel is worth driving.

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From Datsun to Today

Nissan got its start as a company in 1928 under the leadership of Yoshisuke Aikawa, who originally started the company dealing in automotive parts. However, it wasn't until 1933 did the Nissan name get established on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and began producing vehicles of its own. These first models were sold under the Datsun brand and were only a small part of Nissan's industrial activities.

As it grew, Nissan acquired other Japanese brands, including Prince Motor Company and its Skyline luxury car. Rebranded the Nissan Skyline in 1968, this became one of the most cherished and beloved nameplates on the market, despite never being officially sold in the United States. However, while the Skyline hit a roadblock making its way onto Western shores, Nissan did manage to breach the North American market for the very first time in 1958 with the Datsun 1000 sedan. This simple yet industrious notchback was a four-door, rear-wheel drive subcompact. The Datsun 1000 was a gateway for Nissan as a company to finally start making headway in selling Americans Japanese cars and trucks.

While the Datsun 1000 wasn't the most popular vehicle spanning roadways and highways at the time, it paved the way for Nissan to introduce its first-ever compact pickup to American truck shoppers in 1959. The Datsun 120 turned out to be a much bigger hit than the Datsun 1000, laying the groundwork for future pickups from Nissan, including the Nissan Hardbody in 1986, which was the precursor for nameplates such as the Frontier and Titan. The popularity of the trucks led to the development of its first utility-oriented multi-passenger vehicle, with the launch of Nissan's first-ever SUV, the Pathfinder, also in 1986.

Nissan began branching out with an eclectic mix of iconic nameplates since its inception, with the Fairlady Z sports car making its debut in 1969. The Z car line eventually led to the development of the modern 2023 Nissan Z, paying homage to over 50 years of performance. While Nissan established itself with amazing trucks, SUVs, and performance vehicles over the years, it hit unforeseen strides in the early 1990s with the introduction of the Nissan Altima, one of the best-selling sedans on the market. This followed similarly popular nameplates from Nissan, such as the Sentra and the Maxima. The company has continued to innovate and push each of the segments it competes in further with new innovations, new technologies, and new performance benchmarks that have become the envy of the automotive industry.

A blue 2023 Nissan Z is shown from behind with distant mountains.

Used Nissan Sedans

After decades of producing high-quality sedans, Nissan has no shortage of options for those looking to buy a used sedan. For those looking to get a sleek-looking vehicle for errands and day-to-day travel, the used Nissan Versa is a perfectly suitable subcompact, affordable, with great fuel economy and seating for up to five people. If the Versa is too small for your liking, or your budget warrants something larger for you or your family, the pre-owned Nissan Sentra is a great pick that offers peppy performance and great looks, no matter which model year you opt for.

If looks and size are important, the used Nissan Altima has all the latest tech, safety, and comfort features you could ask for but with looks to die for. Each new model year of the Altima gives you a visual treat, so even buying used gives you a great-looking vehicle to drive. If style is more important above all else, you can find a selection of used Nissan Maxima full-size luxury sedans for traveling with executive prestige, thanks to their roomy and luxurious interiors and powerful powertrain performance.

Used Nissan SUVs

Nissan isn't just known for popular sedans and performance vehicles. If you are in the market for an SUV from a used Nissan dealership, you have a nice selection to choose from, including the subcompact crossover Kicks, perfect as a starter vehicle or for young-at-heart drivers. For a little more space and utility, you can opt for a used Nissan Rogue, a popular middle-of-the-road choice that seats five and nets you some of the best fuel-economy ratings in its segment. Interested in something with a more luxury-oriented feel? The Nissan Murano is the perfect pick for those of you looking for amazing tech and comfort features in a stylish exterior. When size and cargo volume are your priorities, the pre-owned Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Armada make for excellent three-row options with off-road capabilities.

A blue 2021 Nissan Murano is shown from the side parked outside of a used Nissan dealership.

Used Nissan Trucks

The Nissan Frontier is the premier compact pickup from Nissan, offering truck shoppers a great midsize experience that's highly versatile for a number of different tasks, whether it be light towing or off-roading. Newer model years of the pre-owned Nissan Titan have embraced more stylistic visuals, giving the appearance of a truck that is more than adequate for the job and looks the part as well. For those who need a larger truck for heavy-duty towing and trailering, the aptly-named behemoth known as the Nissan Titan is perfect for the task. And if you need even more trucking capabilities than what the Titan can provide, you can find everything you need in the very muscular Titan XD.

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