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Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

2022 Nissan Pathfinder Dashboard View

“My steering wheel shakes” — it’s a common complaint we hear from our Bismarck drivers. And the next question most of them naturally ask is “Why is my steering wheel shaking?” Well, we’re here to offer answers! While there are many possible explanations for why your car’s steering wheel is shaking as you tackle the daily Minot area commute, we want to assist you in getting to the bottom of it all. So read on, or schedule service online now.



Five Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel is Shaking

There are five common reasons why you feel shaking in your steering wheel as you drive around Williston and New Town. Each of them relates to different issues. It’s important to remember though, that any one of these things could be the culprit in your particular circumstances, so it’s best to visit our service center ASAP for an accurate diagnosis:

  • Imbalanced Wheels: If the weight of your wheels and tires is distributed unevenly, you’ll feel the vehicle vibrating, often in the steering wheel. In cars with light suspension systems, this can be especially noticeable. It’s important to know that in time, if this issue isn’t resolved, you could have future issues with many steering and suspension components — some of which are quite costly to replace.
  • Misalignment: Misaligned wheels can cause a steering wheel to a shake just like imbalanced wheels. How do misaligned wheels happen? A car can get shaken out of alignment when you drive over things like potholes with excess speed.
  • Bad Bearings: Improperly lubricated or faulty wheel bearings can cause a steering wheel to shake, but only while turning. Most times, a simple cleaning of the bearings can help, but if there’s more serious damage, they’ll most likely need to be replaced (a job that can cost up to around $430 including labor costs).
  • Suspension Problems: If parts are worn, loose, or the driveshaft is imbalanced, this could be the cause of a shaky steering wheel. Don’t delay if you suspect a suspension part is the reason behind your shaking steering wheel, as doing so could lead to compound repairs being needed later on in time.
  • Brake Problems: If you notice that your steering wheel shakes when slowing down, the issue most likely has to do with your car brakes. Worn brake pads, defective brake discs, and even worn shocks can be the cause. Brake pads are also an easy replacement but can cost up to $300 per axle depending on the job and service center you choose. Need brake repair, or any other repairs? Check out our service specials and parts specials.

Bring Your Nissan to Our Service Center to Diagnose Steering Wheel Problems

Now that you’ve had a chance to read more about common causes for a shaking steering wheel, we invite you to call (701) 852-3915 if you have additional questions. Otherwise, simply bring your car into our service center when convenient for further diagnostic work. Struggling to afford repairs? We offer service & parts financing!


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