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How to Check Brake Fluid

Mechanic checking brake fluid

Your braking system is key to your safety on the Bismarck roads, so it’s important to to keep up with maintenance. Learning how to check your brake fluid is a simple and easy maintenance task that you can do in your very own garage. And best of all, it only takes a few minutes! Find out how to check your brake fluid like a pro with Ryan Nissan, and feel free to get in touch with us at Minot for extra assistance.

What is Brake Fluid and Why Do I Need It?

Your braking system is hydraulic, which means it functions with help of liquids in motion. Your brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid that keeps the whole system moving. Additionally, it lubricates the braking system and prevents corrosion from occurring. Brake fluid is generally glycol-ether based, but it can also be made of silicone (DOT-5) or mineral oil (LHM) depending on your vehicle. Curious to see what you have? Consult your owner’s manual!

What Color is Brake Fluid?

When you’re checking under the hood, what color is brake fluid normally? Fresh brake fluid is nearly clear with a yellowish tint. Over time, your fluid will gather dirt and debris. The result is a dark, oil-like fluid that can gum up your car’s components if left unchecked. Brake fluid only lasts around five years on average, and so you should check your brake fluid at least once per year in Williston.

Checking Your Brake Fluid

Many New Town drivers like to schedule an oil change and brake fluid inspection at the service center out of convenience. But if you’d prefer to do it yourself, follow these steps:

  • Look for your brake fluid reservoir. It should be next to the master cylinder under the hood, but you can check your owner’s manual for a diagram.
  • Your reservoir will have minimum and maximum fill lines. Check to see where your fluid level falls. If it is getting close to the minimum, it’s time to schedule your service.
  • Examine the color of your brake fluid. Now that you know what color is brake fluid, you’ll be able to tell if needs to be flushed out.

Schedule Your Service at Ryan Nissan

Whether you have questions about your brake fluid or inquiries about recommended maintenance, contact us at Ryan Nissan and we’d be happy to help. Our technicians can bring out the very best in your car, so visit us in Minot.

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